The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes ...

  • The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes

Stockholm: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry of 2018 to two projects at once: Frances Arnold “for the directed evolution of enzymes”, and the other half for George Smith and Sir Gregory Winter “for phage manifestation of peptides and antibodies”.

In 1993, Frances Arnold conducted the first directional study of the evolution of enzymes, which now allows for a more environmentally friendly production of chemicals, such as pharmaceuticals and renewable fuels.

George Smith and Sir Gregory Winter have developed a method known as phage display for the evolution of antibodies in order to obtain new drugs that now help in the treatment of arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory processes and counteracting autoimmune diseases.

These developments have helped in the treatment of millions of people and opened up the possibility for scientists to improve the methods of producing drugs.

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