Roman kartsev is dead

  • Roman kartsev is dead

Moscow: On Tuesday, October 2, in Moscow, the satirist Roman Kartsev died at the age of 80. 

The granddaughter of the artist Veronika Evstigneeva on her Facebook page wrote that a farewell for the artist will take place on October 4, at the Moscow Central House of Writers. 

Kartsev was born in May, 1939 in Odessa. A diverse career began at the Arkady Raikin Theater in the early 1960s. He received fame, by performing in a duet with Viktor Ilchenko (1937–1992). 

Since 1987, Kartsev has performed at the Moscow Theater of Miniatures under the direction of Mikhail Zhvanetsky. In addition to the theater performance, the actor starred in movies. He played in the films of Eldar Ryazanov- "Promised Heaven" and "Old Nags", as well as in Mikhail Bulgakov's television films "The Master and Margarita" (Poplavsky from Kiev) and "The Heart of a Dog" (Shvonder), shot by Vladimir Bortko.

He received wide publicity after the show on the Soviet television, performed by his variety miniatures "Blunt Associate", "Cashier Sidorov" and "Crayfish. Yesterday there were three of them, and today we have five.”

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