Unemployed can receive subsidies - the Cabinet of Ministers

  • Unemployed can receive subsidies - the Cabinet of Ministers

Kyiv: The Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, Andrei Reva, claims that only unemployed people can receive subsidies under certain conditions.

The video appeal policy is posted on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy.

"For a" winter "subsidy, the social contribution must be paid for any three months of the 1st and 2nd quarters in 2018 until the documents are filed with the Social Security Administration. If you are forced to sign an annual contract for the payment of ERUs, refer to Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine "On the collection and accounting of a single contribution to compulsory state social insurance". It guarantees the right to a lump sum payment of ERUs," Reva assures.

Also, the minister adds: "The payment of ERUs is displayed in the Pension Fund database and this period is credited to citizens in the insurance period."

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