Britain created cyber troops to fight Russian hackers

  • Britain created cyber troops to fight Russian hackers

Kyiv: The UK is building up its forces to conduct a war in cyberspace and creates new cyber warfare with a strength of up to 2,000 experts to repel Russian hackers.

The new type of troops is carried out on the initiative of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom and the Government Communications Apparatus (GCHQ).

The former head of the joint forces command, Sir Richard Barrons, added that "With advancing cyber technologies in the US, we will level the forces on the battlefield and get new means to deter and punish states that want to harm us."

Earlier, Ukrainian President Andrei Parubiy and US State Department Special Representative Kurt Volker discussed information on cyber threats from the Russian Federation regarding the upcoming elections.

Earlier it was reported that US representatives presented a strategy in the field of cybersecurity. Trump Advisor John Bolton warned foreign hackers about tougher penalties for cybercrime.

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