Typhoon "Manghut": Millions Of Filipinos are Ready for Evacuation

  • Typhoon Manghut Millions Of Filipinos are Ready for Evacuation

KYIV (FNI) - Thousands of people have already been evacuated in the Philippines because of the looming typhoon "Manghut", offices and schools are closed, and local farmers are trying to hastily harvest.

An incredible typhoon, whose wind speed is 255 km / h, should reach the island of Luzon by this weekend. Thus, to storm are preparing 10 million people living on the path of the typhoon, including millions of people living in the coastal areas of southern China.

Philippine weather services report that Manghut is the strongest typhoon for the entire year of 2018, and local authorities warn the public about possible landslides and floods that may arise as a result of the storm.

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