Starbucks Explained Why It Refuses To Enter Ukrainian Market

  • Starbucks Explained Why It Refuses To Enter Ukrainian Market

KYIV (FNI) - Starbucks products are too expensive for the Ukrainian consumer. In this regard, Starbucks Corporation reported that for now, the company has no plans to open its business in Ukraine

This was reported in the press service of Starbucks.

"With Starbucks it is more difficult, the media has already reported several times about its entry into the market, and the mayor also spoke about this, but later at Starbucks they said that they did not enter the Ukrainian market. To date, there are no clear deadlines and visions for entering the market, but if we look at the Ukrainian market, it is clear that for this company it is not large," the head of the National Investment Council's office said.

At the same time on January 24 in Davos, Klitschko assured that Starbucks is studying the issue of entering the Ukrainian market. He confirmed that he would do everything possible for the emergence of the American coffee house network in Ukraine.

We remind you that the Swiss company Nestle got the right to sell Starbucks coffee.

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