Europe Will Not Be Able To Accept Ukraine And Georgia In Its Big Family - Sarkozy

  • NikolaSarkozi

    Nikola Sarkozi

KYIV (FNI) - Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that Europe will not be able to accept Ukraine and Georgia in its large family, because it has problems now, and is not going to attract new members.

He stated this in Odessa, where he was at the 7th AER Black Sea Summit.

"As for the Union, I recommend that you create the Black Sea Union yourself, strengthen it and make it an exemplary one, since your membership in other alliances (NATO and the EU) will always lead to aggression of Russia," Nicolas Sarkozy said.

The audio / video recordings of the former French President speech on the Black Sea summit is confidential, Front News International obtained the material from the attendees.

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