Nicolas Sarkozy - Georgia and Ukraine want to enter the European Union for self-defense

  • NikolaSarkozi

    Nikola Sarkozi

Kyiv: According to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, both Georgia and Ukraine, want to enter the European Union because they have a feeling of insecurity.

Sarkozy said about it in Odessa, where he was at the 7th AER Black Sea Summit.

"As Georgia and Ukraine want to enter the EU because they have a sense of insecurity, they want to enter the EU for self-defense, especially Georgia, because it is a small country, and I will allow myself to say, You must be dependent on yourself, no one can help you, for example The Russian-Georgian war when two American cruisers were in, but they did not have any effective assistance to Georgia and only i managed to achieve the outcome after negotiations , so it is possible to talk with the Russian government. This is confirmed by the fact that it fulfilled all the clauses of the agreement," Sarkozy said.

The audio / video recordings of the former French President speech on the Black Sea summit is confidential, Front News International obtained the material from the attendees.

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Sarkozy Visited Odessa