Three Russian Journalists Refused Entry to Georgia

  • Three Russian Journalists Refused Entry to Georgia

MOSCOW (FNI) - TASS Military Correspondent Viktor Litovkin commented on the refusal of the Georgian Interior Ministry to allow journalists to enter the country to participate in the media forum.

He said that he and his colleagues flew to Georgia for an event held by the political center "North-South", but when they arrived at Tbilisi airport they were told that Entry into the country was closed for them, the source said.

"They put some paper in the Georgian language in the passport, what is written there is not clear, but "You have been denied entry to Georgia." was said in Russian," said Litovkin.

He noted that upon their return to Moscow they had their passports taken away. All the documents are now with the border guards.

As reported, at the International Command and Staff Exercise Agile Spirit 2018 in Georgia will be Ukrainians, as well as partners from NATO countries, including from the Baltic states.

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