Somalia's Capital Mogadishu Hit By Huge Explosion

  • Somalias Capital Mogadishu Hit By Huge Explosion

MOGADISHU (FNI) - In the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, today, September 2, there was a loud explosion. As a result of the terrorist attack, 3 people were killed, 17 more people were in hospitals, six of them were children. Responsibility for the attack was taken by Al-Shabab.

According to local media, the explosion thundered in the Haulang district in one of the cars. Near the disaster site was the school, as a result, it collapsed.

"Ambulance services in Mogadishu recorded 1 death, 14 wounded, including six children. Al-Shabab took responsibility for the attack, "local journalists reported.

As a result of another terrorist attack in one of the Afghan private schools Mawoud Academy killed 48 students, more than 67 people in critical condition. The attack was arranged during the lessons, and explains the large number of deaths. The terrorist organization "Taliban" rejects its participation in the terrorist act.

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