Georgia And Ukraine To Allow ID Cards For Traveling

  • Georgia And Ukraine To Allow ID Cards For Traveling

TBILISI (FNI) - Georgia and Ukraine intend to use mutual trips on the basis of biometric identity cards in September, Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze said at a briefing before the government meeting.

According to Bakhtadze, this initiative will promote the development of tourism and deepen economic cooperation.

"It is important for us to attract new potential in tourism and to realize Georgia's geographic advantage more fully.

Accordingly, we have made a decision, and on the basis of bilateral relations with the country-our friend Ukraine, citizens possessing electronic identity cards will have the right to travel from both countries to Georgia and Ukraine.

This is a very important step to strengthen our bilateral relations. At the same time, it will help the development of tourism and, in general, further deepen economic cooperation.

We consider the use of a similar approach for other countries and in the near future we will provide you with additional information in connection with this issue," Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

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