Typhoon "Rumba" In China - At Least 12 People Dead

  • Typhoon Rumba In China - At Least 12 People Dead

HEFEI (FNI) - In China, in the eastern province of Anhui, as a result of the tropical storm "Rumba", at least 12 people were killed, another 13 were injured, and one person was missing.

Such data as of 11 am Monday, August 21, was released by the local government, informs Xinhua.

"In general, more than 1.9 million people were affected by the typhoon. About 30 thousand inhabitants of Anhui province were evacuated," the provincial civil administration said in a statement.

As noted, this is the 18th on this year's typhoon "Rumba", in the country.

The direct economic damage caused by bad weather to the country is estimated at 1.8 billion yuan ($ 262 million). More than 268 thousand hectares of farmland were also affected by the disaster.

Earlier, on Friday, August 17, the authorities of Shanghai evacuated more than 53 thousand people because of the bad weather and flood caused by the tropical typhoon "Rumba".

In Japan, from the powerful typhoon Jongdari, which swept the country in July, victims were at least 23 people in eight prefectures.

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