Russia Called New US Sanctions "Draconian"

  • Russia Called New US Sanctions Draconian

MOSCOW (FNI)  - The Russian Embassy in Washington is not just dissatisfied with the new sanctions, it considers it unmotivated and "draconian".

Such information was disclosed by the Russian embassy in Washington on its official website.

"On August 8, our new adviser-envoy to the State Department announced new "draconian" sanctions under the far-fetched pretext of" using the government of the Russian Federation "the neuropathic substance Novichok against the British citizen Skripal and his daughter. There were no facts or proofs, as has already been. On our clarifying questions, the American side, citing confidentiality, refused to give explanations," the office said.

Recall that in the first place, sanctions affect products and goods that are significant for the defense sector. An exception will be made for outer space, where Russia continues to cooperate with the West, spheres and industries related to air transportation security, which will be considered on an individual basis.

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