10 YearsOf Russian Aggression In Georgia: Expert Opinion

  • 10 YearsOf Russian Aggression In Georgia Expert Opinion

KYIV (FNI) - It has been exactly ten years since the aggression of the Russian Federation against sovereign Georgia, in an open phase, launched on 08.08.08. The figures that are surely perceived for Georgians no less dramatic than the combination of 9/11 numbers for Americans

 Vitalii Kulyk: "It is impossible to negotiate with an aggressor, a cheater and a thief!"

 What happened ten years ago? If we draw analogies, we can state that in 2008 the "Cypriation" of conflicts in the South Caucasus actually took place."

 Unfortunately, then the West behaved frankly treacherously towards Georgia and actually supported Russia, by its soft attitude towards the invader.

 I do not want to justify Saakashvili's policy regarding the unrecognized enclaves that existed on the territory of Georgia, it was a chain of power spontaneous actions, instead of system solutions with the prospect of reintegration.

 But the fact remains that the aggression against Georgia was carried out by the Russian Federation. Violation of sovereignty, the conduct of a military operation, a blow to Georgia from those units that formally fulfilled the mission of a peacekeeper under the mandate of the CIS ...

 However, later Russia, as the saying goes, "changed shoes", called these units Russian military bases and recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states. Although now, apart from Russia itself, several other fake states, other countries deny them such status. And in order to buy the loyalty of the state of Nauru - a great diplomatic talent is not needed and it does not mean to get massive diplomatic support, as it was, say, with Kossovo from the Americans and the European Union.

 Unfortunately, the attitude of the Europeans, the United States and NATO towards the present situation opened up the prospect of further expansionism in the post-Soviet space.

 Russia then for the first time abandoned the previous policy, which it had conducted earlier, about the non-recognition of the right to intervention, the mechanism of which was used by NATO and Western countries. Russia in every possible way denied the right-obligation to humanitarian intervention, in case of threats to human rights, compatriots or other vulnerable groups. Until 2008, at all international and scientific sites, Russia has always entered into an ideological and legal dispute with representatives of the West, arguing that such a right can not be.

 And after the war with Georgia, it actually adopted this principle, creatively supplementing it with developments in the field of hybrid-information wars, and acted as a cynical aggressor against its neighbors.

 And the way Kushner, Sarkozy and other European leaders behaved in 2008 were more like the consistent policy of responsible politicians, but the surrender of Georgia, its interests to the Russian ice rink. Remember: then there were no sanctions, no restrictions, no proper diplomatic pressure ...

 This is, in fact, recognized by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in his interview to Kommersant, comparing the events of 2008 and 2014 and clearly regretting that after the aggression against Ukraine, the West would not have behaved as it did in August 2008. I quote: "If our partners showed great cooperativeness, if they did not try to immediately move the arrows to the Russian Federation, but would show a better balance, as, for example, in 2008, the situation would be much easier."

 Yes, indeed, after 2008, the West provided financial support to Georgia, created conditions for the completion of some stages of reforms that the Saakashvili team carried out and which in a sense became irreversible, even after the change of power.

 But in any case, we can state now: the West actually betrayed Georgia, its leader and in many respects because of this, the so-called "Russian spring" in Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimea and the situation in the Donbass became and is possible.

 And now we can state: the Russians did not get their hands on, as they should have received in 2008. Perhaps, there were no other consequences if the West were to show firmness and take a firm line.

 Unfortunately, there were illusions, which are still not completely dispelled, that you can agree with the aggressor, the sharper and the thief. Modern Russia actually absorbs all the three above-mentioned hypostases.

 Regarding the Bucharest summit of NATO, unfortunately, neither Ukraine nor Georgia at that time could boast of sufficient level of reforms, a corresponding level of internal reforms, in order to reach the criteria for granting membership in the alliance. I will not say that we have reached this level, but we made a lot of efforts in this homework, than in 2008.

 Although, if you go deeper into history, there was a window of opportunities to obtain the MAP in NATO in 2003, under the second presidential term of Leonid Kuchma. But, alas, for a number of reasons, this did not happen.

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