Civil War Ends In Southern Sudan

  • Civil War Ends In Southern Sudan

KYIV (FNI) - The civil war in Southern Sudan ended with the signing of a peace treaty between the ex-president and the current president of the country. The war lasted almost 5 years and claimed the lives of more than ten thousand people.

President of the country Salva Kiir thanked all those who made efforts to sign the peace agreement, reports DW.

"My government and I know the financial and political losses brought this conflict to the country, the region and the whole continent," Kiir said, DW reports.

Recall that the United States of America imposed sanctions against 15 oil companies in Southern Sudan. For companies that are subject to restrictions, the States will establish appropriate requirements for licenses for all exports, re-exports and transfers of any items owned by the United States.

Such actions in the US are explained by the desire to protect the inhabitants of Southern Sudan. After all, money from the income of these companies go to purchase weapons and finance illegal militias.

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