Google Search System "Yandex" Documents Are Available Again

  • Google Search System Yandex Documents Are Available Again

KYIV (FNI) - The second time in a month the data from Google Docs was again available when using the search service "Yandex".

At this time, the documents fall into the issue when you enter a search query "schedule" or "salary".

"Nothing has changed on our side. The documents in question are in the Internet. The documents themselves are not forbidden for indexing, "the press service of Yandex noted in RBC's commentary.

After in early July, with the search engine "Yandex" has already happened such an incident, the service for a while closed access to search Google documents.

On Thursday, July 5, the Russian search engine "Yandex" shared information of users from Google Docs and Google Drive services, as a result of which private documents, logins and passwords of Google users were available to everyone. The content of files of a number of users of the Google Docs service was available in the search system "Yandex".

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