Novosibirsk University To Launch Master's Program In Cryptography

  • Novosibirsk University To Launch Masters Program In Cryptography

KYIV (FNI) - Novosibirsk State University will launch the first English-language magistracy in Russia in cryptography.

Students will learn encryption techniques and blocking technology, university officials say on their website.

"The main goal of Master in Cryptography is to attract strong students from all over the world for in-depth study of the theoretical and practical aspects of modern cryptography and their further involvement in research activities based on NSU," the university said.

The Master's program is based on modular training technology, according to which an invited lecturer reads an intensive course for a limited period of time.

Two years of students will be trained by specialists in cryptography from Germany, Denmark, USA, Belgium, Norway, France, India and Russia.

The start of training is planned for September 2018. The group will consist of 15 students.

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