In Afghanistan, as Result Of Attack On Department Of Education - At Least 10 Dead

  • In Afghanistan as Result Of Attack On Department Of Education - At Least 10 Dead

KYIV (FNI) - At least 10 people died as a result of an attack by unknown militants on the education department in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, July 11. This is reported by Tolo News website with reference to the statements of officials in Nangarhar in Jalalabad.

In addition, eyewitnesses reported that about 50 people were trapped inside the educational complex. However, officials did not confirm this.

"The attack began at about 9:30 local time in the city of Jalalabad after an unknown number of militants stormed the department and opened fire," confirmed the representative of the provincial governor Attalla Hoghyani.

Meanwhile, representative of the education department of Nangarhara Asif Shinwari, who was absent from the building during the attack, confirmed that the guard of the building was also killed.

The security forces arrived at the scene shortly after the attack was launched. So far, behind the confirmation of the officials, the situation is under control.

This was the third major terrorist attack that took place in Jalal-Abad for two weeks.

The first killed the Afghan Sikhs on July 1, and the second - killed at least 10 people on Tuesday.

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