$20 Billion-Worth Of Bitcoin Is Missing

  • 20 Billion-Worth Of Bitcoin Is Missing

KYIV (FNI) - American economic research company Chainalys conducted a study of crypto-currency purses. According to the results of the work it was found that most of the money was "destroyed" due to the loss of users of their private keys. The total loss is $ 20 billion.

Analysts said that Bitcoin has lost significantly more than other coins. This is due to the age of the crypto currency, because it appeared before all. Senior economist Chainalys Kim Groer said that the company will not help users to recover lost digital money. At the same time, employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were able to restore access to assets worth $ 1 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The former leading engineer of BitGo, Jameson Loppe, said that at the moment 6 million bitcoins were lost forever or stolen. According to the expert, 4 million coins were lost, and 2 million were robbed from users' accounts.

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