'Dead' Woman Found Alive In South Africa Morgue Fridge

  • Dead Woman Found Alive In South Africa Morgue Fridge

KYIV (FNI) - The woman was taken to the morgue of Carltonville in the province of Gauteng, after she was in an accident. The doctors decided that she was dead.

According to the BBC, the woman is now on recovery at the hospital.

It is known that doctors who came to the scene of an accident reported that the woman does not show signs of life, so she was sent to the morgue.

When the morgue officer pulled the woman out of the refrigerator, it turned out that she was breathing.

Now the incident is being investigated, but in the ambulance they note that there were no signs that the employees reacted carelessly to the victim.

In an accident in which a woman was injured, two people died.

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