Contrary To Sanctions, Russia Tests Siemens Turbines In Crimea

  • Contrary To Sanctions Russia Tests Siemens Turbines In Crimea

KYIV (FNI) - The Ministry of Energy of Russia on Friday, June 29, announced the first test of the German electric turbine Siemens, which was installed in the annexed Crimea in defiance of European sanctions.

Energy experts have repeatedly stated that without the help of Siemens or engineers associated with the company, Russians will not be able to activate the turbines and software used for their work.

However, according to the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Russians managed to test two new turbines at one of the power stations near the annexed Simferopol, Reuters reported.

In addition, the Russian Energy Ministry announced that the second power plant near Sevastopol is being completed, where Siemens turbines are also used and that the stations are planned to start in the fall.

Russia illegally annexed the Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and has since been subject to sanctions, which, among other things, prohibit European Union companies from supplying the region's energy infrastructure.

But Russia in early July 2017 sent to the Crimea four turbines, built by the German engineering company Siemens without the knowledge of the company.

The dispatch of the turbines angered Berlin and led Brussels to introduce new sanctions against the Russians who participated in the deliveries.

And the head of the German concern Siemens said about the termination of cooperation with all the plants in Russia.

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