Number Of Asylum Seekers In Germany Decreased Compared To 2015

  • Number Of Asylum Seekers In Germany Decreased Compared To 2015

BERLIN (FNI) -The number of asylum seekers arriving in Germany has declined sharply since 2015. The government of the country said that the decisive here is the number of applications for asylum submitted for the first time. Subsequent requests are received from individuals whose application has already been rejected. The German government notes that the decline will continue in 2018.

The number of migrants and refugees arriving through the Mediterranean continues to decline. By the end of May, the number of registered arrivals by sea in the western Mediterranean, the central Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea was well below the 2017 level and much lower than in 2016.

"This was promoted by numerous measures. They include improving the situation in the refugee camps in the Middle East, as well as a number of measures that have been implemented at the national level, such as shelters I and II, "the government of Germany said.

In principle, people are denied entry to countries on German borders, which were taken without documents or, despite the ban on entry and residence at the border, and did not apply for asylum. In 2017, there were 12370 such people.

The federal government continues to organize migration and control over Germany and Europe.

"Our goal remains a European response to this challenge," said Chancellor Angela Merkel after consulting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Brandenburg.

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