Getsadze Spoke About Prospects For Development of Blockchain In Ukraine

  • Getsadze Spoke About Prospects For Development of Blockchain In Ukraine

KYIV (FNI) - Ex-Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, one of the founders of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association, Gia Getsadze, in an interview with Front News International compared the development of Blockchain with the invention of the wheel, spoke about the future prospects of Blockchain technology in Ukraine, the "Constitution" Blockchain and shared plans for the future. In February 2015 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine on fighting corruption; coordinated and supervised the activities of the department for interaction with international and public organizations, the personnel commission of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the reform committee.

In February 2018 Gia Getsadze resigned as Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine and initiated a campaign to implement the latest technologies in everyday life. His first initiative was to create mechanisms for legal support for Blockchain technology. He proposed the development of the "Blochechan's Constitution" in support of the creation of a global legal infrastructure for the digital world in the future.

FRONT NEWS INTERNATIONAL - You as an expert, tell me please, is it possible further development of Blockchain in Ukraine?

GIA GOTSADZE - I think that the development of Blockchain technologies is somewhat like the invention of a wheel. Once someone invented it, but this wheel did not work, because there were no roads, infrastructure, and then someone realized that this invention is very convenient if you build roads. The better they became, the better the wheel became. Blockchain technologies need such infrastructure support, and this infrastructure support-relatively speaking, is the road. This is legislation.

FNI - Do you think that the ban on the introduction of Blockchain technologies at the state level will not be prohibited?

GG - In different countries, someone does not understand this technology, they want to close their eyes, as if this fact does not exist, there are states that try to regulate it, there are those who want to ban Blockchain. But it is impossible to prohibit new technologies, they will still develop. I call it conditionally, not legislative regulation, but ligal support, because if this technology were right, it would be supported by the legislations of different countries. And for countries and their economies - this is very important. For Ukraine, this will also be very important, because for some people Blockchain is connected with some kind of crypto-currencies that can be sold and bought. People think that this is only for trading, but in fact, these technologies give new services to the population. These services will develop more and more. Since they are decentralized, their data can not be changed. They can be used in the future when buying or selling real estate, I do not exclude that the elections in the future will be held at BLOCKCHAIN, so that no one can manipulate them. After a while, an entire industry will be created, which we will call the Blockchain economy.

I think that we should create a single document at the international level, I call it the "Blockchain Constitution" conditionally, in which the general provisions and recognitions of the fact that such a technology exists will be written.

FNI-What exactly are you going to use this technology in people's lives?

GG - Now in different countries it is discussed how to impose profits received from the trade in crypto currency. Most lawyers and accountants do this. So I think that there are specialists in different countries who will support these movements so that Blockchain technologies enter people's lives and work.

FNI-Do you think there are people in Ukraine who can develop Blockchain?

GG-Of course, there are educated, young, motivated IT specialists in Ukraine who create unique programs and platforms and they need to be supported. On the other hand, IT professionals do not understand ordinary citizens. For this, all specialists need to unite, because for our countries, economic growth is very important. And because of this it is possible.

FNI - What if all these specialists were to be sent to parliament, ministries, so that Blockchain worked at the state level?

GG -Why not? I think that in the next parliamentary elections all these people need to be held there. They must necessarily represent the interests of their constituents.

FNI - Previously, you held the post of Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, tell me please, did you think you would take this post again to give Blockchain to develop in Ukraine at a more serious level?

GG - I am proud that I was able to work for the Ukrainian people for 3 years, I worked with all my heart, with a good team of the Ministry of Justice. We conducted a lot of reforms. we are the first ministry that transferred all the registers from paper to digital. We created registries of legal entities and individuals, the real estate registry and people began to look at all certificates without leaving their homes. Now you can register an individual entrepreneur without leaving home. We did a lot to easily sell the arrested property at public auctions. I think that the following development of all these services will necessarily develop on Blockchain technologies and these technologies will offer a service that will be faster and more comfortable for people. In the future I do not know what will happen. When I worked in Georgia as dean, I could never think that I would work in Ukraine as Deputy Minister. Therefore, I can not say anything concrete yet.

Ivan Rosada, FNI

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