AIRBUS May Leave Britain If Brexit Deal does Not Take Place

  • AIRBUS May Leave Britain If Brexit Deal does Not Take Place

LONDON (FNI) - AIRBUS, one of the world's largest international aircraft manufacturers, announced a possible withdrawal from the British market, should the UK leave the European Union without any agreements or agreements on Brexit.

According to official representatives of the company, this can lead to serious violations and interruption of aircraft production in the Kingdom.

“This scenario would force Airbus to reconsider its investments in the UK, and its long-term footprint in the country, severely undermining UK efforts to keep a competitive and innovative aerospace industry, developing high value jobs and competences,” the airline warned.

AIRBUS has more than 14,000 employees in more than 25 sites to manufacture the wings of its aircraft. That is why, the company will carefully monitor any new investment in the UK, but will refrain from expanding the supplier base in the United Kingdom.

Britain must withdraw from the European Union in March 2019, but the existing trade agreements will continue until 2020 to allow the country to agree on new partnership plans.

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