In Kharkiv Deputy Kernes Was Thrown Into Garbage Can

  • In Kharkiv Deputy Kernes Was Thrown Into Garbage Can

KHARKIV (FNI) - On Wednesday, June 20, in Kharkiv activists threw into the trash can of Andrei Rudenko, who is deputy mayor of Gennady Kernes.

Activists caught Rudenko from the back side of the city council when he left the building. At this point, the activists rolled up the garbage can, took Rudenko by the hands and legs and threw them into the trash. Among the activists were representatives of the "National Corps", they were transferred to the Kharkov edition of NewsRoom.

After Rudenko got out of the garbage can, he was left alone and allowed to leave. At the moment the building of the City Council is cordoned off by the police.

Before the incident with Rudenko, aggressively-minded young people broke into the building of the Kharkiv city council and organized a pogrom there. In addition, a fight broke out in the city council, during which the rushed Kharkovites sprayed gas in the room and set fire to smoke bombs.

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