Ex-Minister Of Energy Of Israel Arrested For Spying For Iran

  • Ex-Minister Of Energy Of Israel Arrested For Spying For Iran

JERUSALEM (FNI) - The Jerusalem District Court approved the arrest of former Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of Israel Gonen Segev for espionage in favor of Iran.

Segev last years lived in Nigeria, but in May 2018 decided to go to Equatorial Guinea. After he was unable to enter the territory of Equatorial Guinea because of his criminal past, Segev was handed over to the Israeli police, the Israeli General Security Service (Shin-Beth) said.

The ex-minister was arrested immediately upon arrival in Israel. The police and Shin-Beth already had information that Segev was in contact with the intelligence of Iran and helped her to take action against Israel.

It was noted that in 2012 a connection was established between Segev and the Iranian embassy in Nigeria. In addition, in Iran itself, he twice came to meet with his liaison. He met with them all over the world. Segev also received a secret communication system for encrypting messages between him and his connected.

Shin-Beth was added that Segev handed over information related to the energy market, security places in Israel, buildings and officials in political and security bodies for Iranian intelligence, and much more.

According to the investigation, to fulfill his tasks Segev communicated with the Israelis, who were aware of the security of Israel and foreign policy. Segev also tried to reduce some Israeli citizens to representatives of Iranian intelligence, presenting them as ordinary business agents.

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