Trump Trusts Kim, But Will Find Excuses In Case Of Non-Fulfillment Of Singapore Declaration

  • Trump Trusts Kim But Will Find Excuses In Case Of Non-Fulfillment Of Singapore Declaration

SINGAPORE (FNI) - President Donald Trump said he would find an excuse that he was wrong and believe North Korean leader Kim Jong-un if he will not perform the Singapore Declaration and the mutual agreements that have been reached for the first ever meeting of the White House and the DPRK chairman.

Speaking to reporters Trump said he trusts Kim, otherwise he would not meet with him and would not have signed a joint declaration.

"I may be wrong. Then I'll stand in front of you in six months and say: "Hello. I was wrong". I do not know if I'll ever admit it, but I'll find some excuse, "Trump said in response to a question from a CNN TV journalist, what kind of response the head of the White House prepared for North Korea in the event of failure to implement joint agreements.

In Singapore, June 12, the first ever meeting between the US president and the leader of North Korea took place. Kim Jong-un called the meeting with Donald Trump "a great prelude to peace." After the meeting, Trump and Kim signed the Singapore Declaration, which should be the start of a new relationship between the two countries. The historical document has only 4 points: the restart of relations between the United States and North Korea, joint actions on stability on the Korean peninsula and its complete denuclearization, as well as the identification and return of the remains of six thousand US prisoners since the Korean War, after which the peninsula was divided into the South and North. Yet Trump has agreed to come to North Korea and Kim invited to the White House, and expressed hope for a speedy establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and North Korea

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