Trump Arrives In Canada For G-7 Meetings

  • Trump Arrives In Canada For G-7 Meetings

CHARLEVOIX (FNI) - President of the United States of America Donald Trump arrived in the Canadian city of Charlevoix, where from June 8 to 9 the summit of the G-7 countries will take place.

The live broadcast of Trump's arrival in Periscope is organized by the organizers of the summit.

On Friday, June 8, US President Donald Trump urged Russia to again become a member of the Group of Eight. The position of Trump regarding the return of Russia to the G8 was also agreed by the newly appointed Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. According to Conte such a return of the Russian Federation to the G8 is "in the interests of everyone."

While the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Russian Federation is concentrating not on restoring the G8, but on other formats.

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