Armenia Protests: President Meets Opposition Leader

  • Armenia Protests President Meets Opposition Leader

YEREVAN (FNI) - Armenian President Armen Sakisyan came out to the protesters on the Republic Square in Yerevan.

As local news outlet writes, he talked for about 10 minutes with the leader of the protesters, MP Nikol Pashinyan, after which they "said goodbye" and the president left.

What they said is not reported.

On Tuesday, April 17, despite protests in Yerevan, former President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, elected as a new prime minister in the country's parliament. For the candidacy of Sargsyan, 76 of the 90 parliamentarians voted.

Mass actions against the nomination of Serzh Sargsyan for the post of prime minister began in Yerevan on April 16. The demonstrators blocked traffic on several streets and tried to break through the cordon off the parliament; the police used tear gas. The total number of detained oppositionists reached almost 300 people.

On Friday, March 2, the Armenian parliament elected former PM Armen Sargsyan as the new President of the state, who was the only candidate for this post. For the candidature of Sargsyan, 90 MPs voted, against there were only 10 MPs.

The Armenian parliament approved in December 2015 a draft of constitutional reforms, providing for a transition from presidential to the parliamentary system of government. The position of the head of state now becomes ceremonial, and the real power will be concentrated in the hands of the prime minister.

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