US, UK and France Hit Massive Missile Strike in Syria (video)

  • US UK and France Hit Massive Missile Strike in Syria video

KYIV (FNI) - United States, United Kingdom and France dealt a joint massive missile strike against the military facilities of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime. In all, the allies fired about a hundred air-to-surface missiles.

The strikes were a response to the use of the Assad regime by chemical weapons against civilians in the suburbs of Damascus, East Ghouta.

According to the US, the attacks fell on three targets in the region of Damascus and Homs, allegedly linked to the Syrian chemical weapons program - a research institute, a command post and warehouses. According to the human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, three research centers were attacked, two in Damascus and one in Homs. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that among the targets was also the military airfield of Dumayr but all the missiles fired on it were intercepted.

In the vicinity of Damascus, explosions, according to eyewitnesses, were heard simultaneously at about 4 am local time. According to the Syrian state media, as a result of the air strike on Homs suffered three civilians.

The operation was attended by an American ship, which was in the Red Sea, and B-1 bombers. American airplanes produced, in particular, aircraft cruise missiles.

France and the United Kingdom also engaged in aviation - the British Ministry of Defense reported the participation of four Tornado fighter bombers that launched the Storm Shadow cruise missiles against targets in the Homs area.

Whether the Allied aircraft entered the airspace of Syria, is not yet specified.

Alexander Khrebet, FNI

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