Sisi Wins Egypt Presidential Election With Over 96%

  • Sisi Wins Egypt Presidential Election With Over 96

CAIRO (FNI) - Abdel Fattah as-Sisi has won presidential elections in Egypt. According to preliminarydata Sisi won elections with 96,9% of the voters.

Sisi's oppnent Mousa Mostafa Mousa received 750,000 votes in the country where 92 million people live. 

The official Ahram media outlet said 23 million out of the 60 million registered voters came into polls which makes 40% turn out. A further two million votes were cast as invalid, as people had written the names of candidates who were not approved on their ballot papers.

The incumbent president received 96.0 percent of the vote in his first election in 2014, a year after Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, was overthrown as president in a military coup.

Egyptian opposition figures called on Sunday for a boycott of the election, citing a wave of repression that has cleared the field of challengers to Sisi and left his top opponent in jail.

On January 23rd, police officers detained Sami Anan, former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, who was considered to be a serious competitor of the incumbent in the elections. Khalid Ali, a lawyer and a leader of protests in the country, had also announced his candidacy but withdrew it after detention.

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