30 Refugees Drowned Near Yemen Coast

  • 30 Refugees Drowned Near Yemen Coast

KYIV(FNI) - A migrant boat sunken near coast of the Yemen province of Aden in the Gulf of Aden, killing 30 migrants who sought to reach Djibouti in East Africa.

On board of a small vessel there were at least 152 passengers - 101 people from Ethiopia and 51 Somalis, and also accompanied by their smugglers.

According to survivors, criminals demanded refugees an additional fee for their services and opened fire. The boat has turned over.

“As we continue to repeat for five years, protecting human life is a priority in any part of the world. And Yemen is no exception. We are indignant about the latest incident, “said William Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration.

IOM and its partners, in cooperation with the Coast Guard of Yemen, are investigating the incident. The organization also provides support to those refugees who managed to survive. The victims are provided with medical assistance, water and food.

On Sunday, January 28, separatists in Yemen seized government buildings in the city of Aden, which houses an important international port, through which humanitarian aid is delivered to the country.

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