Russian Foreign Ministry Responds to US Sanctions List Expansion

  • Russian Foreign Ministry Responds to US Sanctions List Expansion

MOSCOW(FNI) - The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for another extension of anti-Russian sanctions to be a continuation of a ‘senseless campaign’ that will only turn out to be a loss for American business.

“If US authorities prefer to break economic and other ties with Russia, this is their right, as we reserve the right to respond,” said Russian foreign ministry.

The Ministry also noted that sanctions will not produce results, but only damage relations between countries.

“It was time for Washington strategists to think that a senseless sanctioning campaign that did not give and give them no results, but only turn out to be financial losses for American business, they show the whole world their own helplessness,” statement said.

On January 26, the United States expanded the list of sanctions against 9 Russian companies, further clarifying 12 sanctions. In addition, the list of sanctions has 21 names, including Deputy Minister of Energy Andrei Cherezov. Russians and companies that took part in the supply of Siemens turbines to the annexed Crimea were subject to new sanctions.

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