Ukraine introduced biometric control on border with Russia

  • Ukraine introduced biometric control on border with Russia

Kyiv: Since January 1, in Ukraine, at the checkpoints on the border with Russia, the biometric control system of the crossing has been activated.

At checkpoints, employees of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine will scan fingerprints of Russians, as recently a significant number of illegal migrants enter the territory of Ukraine from the eastern border.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has already spread information that Russian citizens may have problems during the crossing of the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Such a message appeared in connection with information that since December 27, the fingerprint and other biometric data control system will be operating at the border of Ukraine and Russia.

"In connection with the foregoing, the citizens of the Russian Federation intending to carry out their trips to Ukraine in the near future should take into account that when passing control at the Ukrainian border they may have problems due to the submission by the bodies of the State Border Service of Ukraine of new additional requirements," the message reads Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russian diplomats also recommended that their citizens, before traveling to Ukraine, specify the conditions and procedure for crossing the border in diplomatic and consular institutions of Ukraine.

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