In Ukraine resumed work Commission on Biosafety and Protection

  • In Ukraine resumed work Commission on Biosafety and Protection

Kyiv: The Commission for Biosafety and Biological Defense of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) has resumed its work in Ukraine and the first meeting has already been held, the Ministry of Health said.

The main tasks that will be handled by the MOH will be focused on countering bioterrorism; support of the biological safety system when working with pathogenic biological agents; provision of sanitary protection of the territory; interdepartmental coordination; scientific support of activities on biological safety issues.

"We welcome the resumption of the work of the Commission, which should become a platform for professional discussion of global challenges in the health sector and prepare recommendations for the leadership of the state to protect the population of Ukraine from biological threats. The commission is represented by professionals of national and international level, therefore it is very important to preserve the scientific and pragmatic spirit of work and mutual respect in the course of discussions," said Ulyana Suprun, Minister of Health of Ukraine.

At the next meeting of the Commission, the MOH will present a Biosafety and Biosecurity Strategy for the period until 2020. In general, the commission will meet once a quarter.

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