Sobchak presented election program

  • Sobchak presented election program

Kyiv: Today, December 23, presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak presented her electoral program entitled "123 difficult steps", in which 123 points were divided into "Internal policy", "Development of the economy", "Social policy" and "Foreign policy" .

"Irremovability of power has led to the actual abolition of the separation of powers, to the creation of an ineffective version of the corporate state. That is why the goal of a democratic policy should not be the authority itself, its powers and opportunities, but a reduction in the powers of the president and the entire executive power, the restriction of all instruments of dictatorship and arbitrariness," Sobchak noted in her program.

She believes that Russia must live according to European laws and values. According to the candidate, this way will ensure the independence and prosperity of the country.

"Russia faces the task of moving from a super-presidential republic, where the powers of all branches of power are in fact and inevitably concentrated in the hands of one person, to full-fledged parliamentary democracy," it says in the pre-election program.

According to Sobchak, one of the most important tasks is the gradual demilitarization and de-bureaucratization of the economy, which reduces spending on defense, police forces and the state apparatus.

In addition, in the election program it appears that Sobchak wants to reform the pension system, and to make education the main priority of social policy.

"We must stop the hybrid war that is now being waged by our country in eastern Ukraine. We insist on the immediate return to the homeland of Russian servicemen, in any status present in the territory of Ukraine and Syria," is written in one of the paragraphs of the section, as regards foreign policy.

Also according to Sobchak, it is necessary to make maximum efforts to restore partnership relations with Europe, having as a long-term goal the signing of an association agreement with the EU.

Russian oppositionist Ksenia Sobchak said on Wednesday, October 18 that she is running for president of Russia in March 2018.

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