Trump thanked Putin for recognition of US economic growth

  • Trump thanked Putin for recognition of US economic growth

Washington: US President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which he thanked for recognizing the growth of US economic performance during his annual press conference.

"President Donald Trump today spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Trump thanked President Putin for recognizing America's high economic performance at his annual press conference, "the White House press service reported.

It is noted that the parties also discussed joint actions to resolve the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

On Thursday, December 14, the thirteenth annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin was held in Moscow. One of the questions concerned the scandal with the ties of Trump with Russia, to which the Russian president replied that this was all thought out by people who are in opposition to Trump to give his work an illegitimate character. He also noted that the US economy is really developing, and therefore expressed a desire to normalize relations between countries.

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