Putin denied accusations of Polish President Kaczynski's catastrophe

  • Putin denied accusations of Polish President Kaczynskis catastrophe

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin called the accusations of the Russian Federation in the crash of Polish President Kaczynski's plane "a bluff and nonsense," Front News International correspondent reports.

"We are tired of bluffing. It's a bullshit. If there were explosions on board, a bomb was planted in Warsaw. Third, there were no explosions there, "Putin said.

He also urged Poland to grow up and not to cling to this catastrophe, as it hinders the development of Polish-Russian relations.

The plane of Polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed near Smolensk in 2010. Then 96 people were killed, among whom was a significant number of high-ranking Polish officials and the president and his wife.

According to the latest information from the investigation, Polish investigators discovered signs of an explosion of the wing of the presidential aircraft, which fell in 2010 under the Russian Smolensk.

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