Prince Harry marries an American actress in the spring of 2018

  • Prince Harry marries an American actress in the spring of 2018

London: Prince Harry of Wales announced an engagement with American actress Megan Markle, the wedding is scheduled for the spring of next year. This is stated in a statement promulgated by the Kensington Palace.

"His Royal Majesty the Prince of Wales, Harry is pleased to announce the engagement of Prince Harry with Megan Markle. The wedding will take place in the spring of 2018. His Royal Majesty and Miss Marcl were engaged in London this month. The couple will live in the Nottingham Code of the Kensington Palace, "the report said.

The British royal family on September 4 announced that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is expecting a third child.

Recall, November 20, marked the 70th anniversary of the marriage between Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

In honor of the event, the royal court presented a new official portrait of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. On it the queen is dressed in a cream dress designer Adela Kelly, who is her assistant and personal designer since 2002. To the dress is pinned a gold brooch, decorated with rubies and diamonds.

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