Russian fighters from Wagner Group arrived on LPR territory - SSU

  • Russian fighters from Wagner Group arrived on LPR territory - SSU

Kyiv: On the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, controlled by militants of illegal armed formations "LNR", soldiers from the private military company "Wagner" arrived from Russia.

This was reported in the press center of the SSU.

"The SSU confirms the arrival of the additional forces of the Wagner PMC from the RF to the territory of the temporarily occupied districts of the Luhansk region for armed support of the so-called" Minister of Internal Affairs of the People's Republic of Finland "Igor Cornet.We deserve attention that in 2015 it was Cornet and the head of the" Wagner " Utkin (Dmitry Utkin - FNI) under the supervision of representatives of the Russian FSS led the liquidation of the leaders and the "sweeping" of the armed formations of Batman, Kosogor, Foma, and various Cossack military groups. terrorists, intercepted by the SSU, you can hear specific details of those events, including information about Cornet's personal initiative in the destruction of his former "fighting fellows," the SSU noted.

The department also noted that the SSU does not exclude a similar scenario of the development of events as a result of the completion of the situation in Lugansk.

Also, the press center of the Security Service announced the audio talks between Cornet and the FSS officer Oleg Khmurym. In addition, a record of the conversation between Khmurym and Utkin, as well as between Utkin and Cornet, was made public.

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