Leader of "LPR" militants Plotnitsky went to Russia - media

  • Leader of LPR militants Plotnitsky went to Russia - media

Kyiv: The motorcade of Lugansk separatist leader Igor Plotnitsky left the territory of the occupied Luhansk region to the Russian Federation.

According to the Russian "Novaya Gazeta", the motorcade, in which Igor Plotnitsky is located, the head of his administration, Irina Teizman, the head of the "GTRK LPR" Anastasia Shurkaeva and a number of other persons left the territory of Lugansk for Russia.

On Tuesday, November 21 in the center of Lugansk, armed people cordoned off the building of the so-called "Interior Ministry", and also drove up BTRs.

The leader of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky on November 20 sent in resignation "the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" Igor Cornet. A criminal case was brought against him for living in someone else's apartment.

After the removal of the Cornet, the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People's Republic of Belarus issued an appeal from the "employees of the department" who accused the leader of the Lugansk separatists, Plotnitsky, of persecuting Cornet.

Yesterday, on November 22, in the occupied Lugansk group of Lugansk, supported by Russia, unknown armed people stormed the building of the "General Prosecutor's Office" by storm.

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