In Lugansk noticed armored personnel carrier of “DPR” grouping

  • In Lugansk noticed armored personnel carrier of DPR grouping

Kyiv: In a photo taken today by a Russian journalist Alexander Kats in Lugansk, an armored personnel carrier regiment of the Russian-backed "DPR" group was found that is loyal to the leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

There is an information that in the city does not work telephone, television and  radio.

On Tuesday, November 21, in the center of Lugansk armed people surrounded the building of the so-called "Interior Ministry", and also drove up an armored personnel carrier.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of Interior of the People's Republic of Finland Sergey Kolesnikov could not comment on the fact of cordoning off the central streets of Lugansk by armed men, citing lack of information.

Yesterday, November 20, the leader of the "LPR", Igor Plotnitsky, dismissed the "head of the Interior Ministry" Igor Cornet. A criminal case was brought against him for living in someone else's apartment.

After the removal of the Cornet, the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People's Republic of Belarus issued an appeal from the "employees of the department" who accused the leader of the Lugansk separatists, Plotnitsky, of persecuting Cornet.