UN GA adopted a resolution on combating heroism of Nazism

  • UN GA adopted a resolution on combating heroism of Nazism

New York: Delegates of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly at the initiative of Russia adopted a resolution on combating the heroism of Nazism. The document emphasizes that all states should prohibit any "honoring the Nazi regime." The United States and Ukraine voted against this document, and among the abstaining 51 countries, including the countries of the European Union, as well as Australia, Georgia and Turkey.

"Despite the fact that the victory over Nazism was won more than 70 years ago, and the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal once and for all gave an answer to the question of who in the Second World War represented the forces of Good and who are the forces of Evil, to place those great conquests in doubt, "said the director of the Department for Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights of the Russian Foreign Ministry Anatoly Viktorov, speaking in the course of voting on the draft resolution.

He described as "absolutely unacceptable the heroization of those who are involved in the crimes of Nazism, including the whitewashing of former members of the SS organization, including the Waffen-SS units."

"We condemn attempts to elevate to the rank of national heroes and supposedly heroes of national liberation movements those who fought against the Anti-Hitler coalition or collaborated with the Nazis," the Russian representative said.

The US representative right before the vote proposed 20 amendments to the draft resolution. The Russian delegation, as the main author, stated that these proposals "are frankly provocative in nature, as they are aimed at radically changing the nature and nature of the initiative."

Anatoly Viktorov urged all delegations to vote against the US amendments. As a result, Washington's proposals were rejected. Only the USA, Israel and Ukraine voted for them. Representatives of 81 delegations opposed the amendments.

Then the Russian text of the resolution was put to a vote. It was supported by 125 states. Two delegations - the United States and Ukraine - opposed. 51 countries abstained. Among the abstentions are members of the European Union, Australia, Georgia and Turkey.

Explaining his position, the Ukrainian representative Igor Eremenko recalled that his country had suffered huge losses in the fight against Nazism. During the Second World War, more than 8 million Ukrainians died.

But, according to the Ukrainian diplomat, "the project was introduced not to fight Nazism, but to distort the conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunal." He said that in the Russian Federation "on the rise of radicalism, neo-Nazism and xenophobia." Igor Eremenko stressed that, in proposing to suppress Nazism, Russia itself resorts to such acts, continuing the occupation of the territory of Ukraine.

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