NASA launched missile with step of Ukrainian production

  • NASA launched missile with step of Ukrainian production

Washington: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA) launched the Antares-230 launch vehicle, the first stage of which was manufactured by Ukrainian state-owned enterprises. The launch was the seventh in the history of the project and the second after the upgrade of the launch vehicle. This was reported in the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

"On November 12, 2017, at 14 hours 19 minutes Kyiv time from the island of Wallops, Virginia, a successful launch of a modernized medium-sized Antares-230 launch vehicle with the Cygnus spacecraft was successfully carried out," said in the report.

It is noted that the main developer of the carrier rocket is the American company Orbital ATK, and the main construction of the first stage was produced by Ukrainian state-owned enterprises of the space industry. In particular, the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau. MK Yangel and the "South Machine Building Plant. (Dnepr) in cooperation with the enterprises "Khartron-ARKOS" (Kharkiv), "Khartron-UCOM" (Zaporozhye), "CheZaRa", "RAPID" (Chernigov) and others.

"The "Antares" project is an example of the successful interaction of the space industry companies of Ukraine and the United States in the field of peaceful exploration of outer space. Only this launch is about 40 million US dollars of investments in the space industry of Ukraine, as well as the work of more than 25,000 specialists, "the press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States said.

It is also reported that the cargo ship Cygnus, which bears the name SS Gene Cernan, the former NASA astronaut, will deliver to the international space station 3,229 kg of cargo ordered by NASA - supplies, water, equipment for scientific experiments, equipment for the station, computers and components , as well as equipment for the launching of miniature satellites into outer space. The docking of the Cygnus ship with the station is scheduled for November 14.

Ukrainian specialists took part in the preparation and conduct of the launch. In addition, the launch was attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine in the United States Valery Chaly, and about general director of the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau Alexander Degtyarev, director of the Yuzhmash plant Sergey Voit.

On Saturday, November 11, NASA failed to launch the missile from behind the aircraft in the flight path zone.