Already 5 killed as a result of high-rise building collapse in Izhevsk

  • Already 5 killed as a result of high-rise building collapse in Izhevsk

Izhevsk: As a result of the collapse of a residential building in Izhevsk, bodies have already been found for 5 people.

"According to the latest information, five bodies were extracted," a source from Interfax-Volga Region said.

According to him, search dogs in some places of a blockage feel that someone is there, but voices are not heard in these places.

The source of the agency in emergency services said that relatives reported two missing persons after the collapse.

Earlier, four dead were reported.

Completely destroyed eight apartments, where 28 people lived. According to preliminary data, the entrance of the house collapsed because of the explosion of domestic gas.

In addition, it is reported that an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations suffered during the analysis of blockages.

Destruction is large-scale - from the first to the ninth floors. The corner of the building on one side is completely destroyed.

Eyewitnesses report that before the caving a loud sound was heard, and also a thick smoke could be seen from the building, but there was no fire.

The moment of the explosion in a nine-story apartment building in Izhevsk at the intersection of Udmurtskaya streets and 10 years of October was captured on the DVR.

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