Elections in Kenya: 1 person killed, 3 injured

  • Elections in Kenya 1 person killed 3 injured

Nairobi: As a result of clashes between police and opposition supporters in Kenya, one person was killed and three were injured.

Today, October 26, in Kenya are repeated presidential elections, during which there were clashes between the police and supporters of the opposition using tear gas and water cannons against protesters.

"A young man aged 17-18 died of blood loss," the health workers told Reuters.

Protesters also set fire to barricades in the Kenyan city of Kisumu.

Elections started at 06:00 am and will last until 5:00 pm local time.

On Wednesday, October 25, the Supreme Court of Kenya was to consider a motion to postpone the election, but the meeting did not have enough judges for the quorum.

The Kenyan court on September 1 reversed the results of the vote, which resulted in the defeat of the current president of the country, Uhuru Kenyatta, as numerous irregularities were recorded during the election.

The US Department of State expressed concern about the deteriorating political situation in Kenya and said that introducing changes to the electoral legislation before the elections causes an escalation of tension. The department also called on Kenyan leaders not to resort to violence during demonstrations or protests.

On Tuesday, August 8, presidential elections were held in Kenya. During the protests due to the results of the vote killed at least 50 people.

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