In Egypt was shootout of police and militants

  • In Egypt was shootout of police and militants

Cairo: Not far from the capital of Egypt, there was a gunfight between police units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and armed militants. According to various sources, from 14 to 30 Egyptian policemen perished.

"Information on the terrorist elements in 135 kilometers from Cairo came from sources of the national security department. Upon the arrival of the police in order to eliminate the elements, they opened fire on the representative of law enforcement agencies. Both sides recorded a lot of dead and injured," the Egyptian Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

According to the AP, among policemen 14 victims, at the same time, according to Reuters, as a result of the shootout, 30 police officers were killed.

Note that on September 10 in Giza there was also a gunfight between the security forces and armed men. Nine people were killed, five others were injured.

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