Volcano Shinmoedake erupted in Japan (video)

  • Volcano Shinmoedake erupted in Japan video

Tokyo: In the southwest of Japan in the Miyazaki Prefecture, the eruption of the Shinmoedake volcano, which is located on the island of Kyushu, began.

According to the Meteorological Service of Japan, the level of the volcanic threat was raised to the third of five.

In the ten-kilometer zone from the volcano is the city of Tahakaru. Local residents reported that the streets of the city as a result of the activity of the volcano were covered with ashes.

The Shinmoedake volcano is one of the 50 active volcanoes in Japan, its height is 1,421 m. The previous activity of the volcano was recorded in 2011, when the largest earthquake in the history of Japan woke the volcano. Then the volcano erupted more than 10 times.

In addition, at the end of September, due to the threat of the eruption of the Agung volcano in Indonesia, more than 120,000 inhabitants of Bali left their homes.

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