In terrorist attack in Bahrain wounded five policemen

  • In terrorist attack in Bahrain wounded five policemen

Manama: In the capital of Bahrain, Manama, there was a terrorist attack, which resulted in injuries to 5 officers of the Metropolitan Police. No information was received about the killed information.

"As a result of the terrorist act, 5 policemen were injured. At this time, the Ashur procession on the Budaya highway was organized in Dayha. The necessary measures are being taken," the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bahrain reported.

The attack was reportedly occurred during the revered Muslim day of Ashura, during which the Shiites honor the memory of their martyrs, and the Sunnis voluntarily observe a one-day fast in gratitude to Allah for saving the prophets from the pharaoh. Participants of the procession on the highway Budaya were not injured.

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