Court will consider case of return of "Kyivenergo", "Kievgaz" and "Kievvodokanal" today

  • Court will consider case of return of Kyivenergo Kievgaz and Kievvodokanal today

Kyiv: Today, the Economic Court of the City of Kyiv will begin consideration of the claim of the capital's prosecutor's office about the return of Kyivenergo, Kyivgaz and Kievvodocanal to the Kyiv community, which are strategically important for the life of the city. This was stated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

He said that in 2006, based on the decision of the city council, ZAO "Kyivenergoholding Company" was created - the only complex for the supply of energy, water and wastewater in the capital.

In the process of creating this company, in fact, controlling interests of PJSC "Kievgaz" and PJSC "AK" Kyivvodokanal "belonged to the territorial community (61% and 67% respectively), as well as 12.73% of shares of PJSC" AEK "Kyivenergo" .

The value of blocks of shares was estimated at 230 million hryvnia. However, during the pre-trial investigation, the Kyiv city prosecutor's office determined that the value of the shares was understated by more than 4 times and according to the experts' conclusions amounted to more than 1.1 billion UAH.

In addition, it was established that in 2007, without the approval of the supervisory board and the general meeting, 12.73% of shares of Kyivenergo were transferred in general to other private entities. Now they are owned by DTEK ENERGO. Thus, the territorial community has lost any rights to these shares of Kyivenergo and the ability to control them and receive dividends.

In addition, the society for many years is unprofitable even though the Kyiv City Council annually reimburses the difference in tariffs. In particular, the companies "Kyivenergo" and "Kievvodokanal" in fact for the entire time of the existence of ZAO "Company Kyivenergoholding" refunded almost 13 billion hryvnia.

Also, the society that continues to manage the enterprises of Kyivvodokanal and Kiivvgaz, significant for the capital, has only 4 employees.

"Under these circumstances, the Kyiv city prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit in the interests of the state to return the shares of Kyivenergo, Kyivgaz and Kievvodokanal to the territorial community of the capital," the prosecutor said.

In addition, in June 2017 the Moscow prosecutor's office completed a pre-trial investigation against the former chairman of the board of ZAO Kievenergoholding, which, abusing his official position, illegally removed a stake in AEK Kyivenergo in favor of a private company.

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